About Us

Veterinarian owned and operated, our team of dedicated and caring animal lovers is led by Dr. Richard Goodwin D.V.M., and managed by a Veterinarian Technician, making Paws to Remember unique.

Comprised of the same caring individuals you would encounter at your veterinary clinic, the Paws to Remember team offers compassion, respect, and professionalism when caring for your loved one during this difficult period. As a Veterinarian and pet owner, Dr. Richard Goodwin was motivated by the personal loss of a companion, and through the process of losing a loved one he realized that ensuring one’s pet is delicately returned back to their loving families is an area of care he holds close to his heart.

“I do get personal gratitude knowing that my own clients, as well as the veterinary clinics that we team up with, will get exactly what they are asking for. Not only in a physical sense, but in a cost effective way that will not exclude owners that do not have a lot of money to spare.”– Dr. Richard Goodwin

Inspiration led Dr. Goodwin to take over the crematorium June 1, 2012, so that he could nurture and care for his pet patients in every stage of their life. This compassionate care remains just as important with regards to an animal’s afterlife, and Dr. Goodwin and his team take great honor in being entrusted with this most delicate task. Committed to ensuring our clients have peace of mind, and that this time of grief is not compounded by costs, it is very important to each of us that Paws to Remember can create an affordable cremation service for all.


Dr. Richard Goodwin

CEO and Owner

Paws to Remember is owned and operated by Dr. Richard Goodwin, DVM. Dr. Goodwin is an established and respected local veterinarian, serving the lower mainland since 2000 as practicing veterinarian and owner/manager at the Port Coquitlam Animal Hospital.  Dr. Goodwin is known for his compassion and care for animals, and his dedicated service to families. He and his wife Dr. Lisa Wallis, established Paws to Remember in 2012, with the goal of ensuring compassionate, affordable and professional end-of-life care for animals, and as a service to veterinary clinics and animal hospitals.  When not at work, Dr. Goodwin enjoys playing hockey, traveling and spending time with his family and pets.


Dr. Lisa Wallis

Advisor and Owner

Dr. Lisa Wallis, DVM is a co-owner and founder of Paws to Remember, along with her husband Dr. Richard Goodwin. Dr. Wallis is a respected local veterinarian, having joined the team at Port Coquitlam Animal Hospital in 2008. She obtained her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1999. She enjoys the challenge of veterinary medicine and nurturing the human-animal bond. Outside her time at the clinic, she loves spending time with her family, hiking , traveling and walking her dog, Rosco.


Terry Ens

Senior Cremation Specialist / Customer Service Representative

Terry is a Senior Cremation specialist at Paws to Remember, and is a crucial member of our team. He has worked in the pet cremation industry for over 8 years and is very passionate about the work he does and the service he provides to the community.  Also a life-long pet owner and animal lover, he knows how sensitive his work is, and treats all pets with respect and empathy, as if the pets were his own. He takes great satisfaction in helping people with the proper aftercare of their beloved ones.


Jarret Walters

Cremation Specialist / Customer Service Representative

Jarret is a Cremation Specialist/Customer Service Representative with Paws to Remember, and has been employed in this industry for over 8 years. Jarret plays a key role in processing, and is responsible for inspecting pet cremains to ensure 100 % accuracy and service quality at all times.  Jarret also has more than 15 years of safe driving experience. He is reliable, and devoted to serving the community through his work at Paws to Remember. Like all our team, he feels he has a strong connection to all animals, and whole heartedly believes he is making a difference in helping those who are grieving.


Kevin Higgins

Customer Service / Customer Service Representative

Kevin is the newest member to join the Paws to Remember team. With growing up with a Veterinarian for a Dad and owner of a clinic, he understands the need for compassion and care. He has had a variety of different pets in his lifetime and feels pride and satisfaction that he is able to help owners and their pets through every stage of their lives.






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