Our Services

Our goal is to ensure our clients have peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are gently, respectfully, and professionally cared for until they are once again reunited with their loving families.

Paws to Remember can assist with Communal, Private Segregated, Private Single, and Private Single Witnessed Cremations for individual pet owners and veterinary clinics.

We encourage you to contact your Veterinarian at the time of your pet’s passing. They are very well equipped to deal with the situation at which time you may request our services. If you do not have a Veterinarian please contact us directly and we will be more than willing to assist you individually.

Communal Cremation

If you do not require the cremated remains returned of your pet, you can choose a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option of a communal cremation.
At all times, their loved one is treated with final care and dignity and ashes are carefully dispersed in a garden near Mission, B.C.

Private Segregated Cremation

If you would like the individual ashes of your pet collected and returned to you in a special memorial urn a private segregated cremation is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. A private segregated cremation is when more than one pet is placed in the cremation chamber, but separated enough for individual ashes to be collected.


Private Single Cremation

If you would like your loved one to be the only pet cremated at a time, and would like the ashes returned to you in a special memorial urn, private single cremations are available.

Private Single Witnessed Cremation

At times, families wish to be present or view a private cremation service. Our goal is to provide a service as meaningful and unique as the families and animals we care for. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

Clinic or Home Pickup & Delivery

Caring, professional staff can pick up the animals for cremation and return the cremated remains (securely packaged and labeled).  They are available for clinic or home pick-up and delivery services.  Emergency after hours and weekend pickups, at our veterinary clinics, are also available.

Memorial Urns

All cremation services (except communal cremations) include a special memorial urn or an organza bag. The pet’s ashes are carefully collected and placed in the urn (in choice of black, white, or mother of pearl) or organza bag, and the urns/organza bags are returned to the clinic in beautifully labeled bags. Alternatively a Special Memorial Urn can be chosen, our selection can be viewed here.

At Paws to Remember, we are committed to compassionate and professional care of your loved ones, and we proudly operate with an open door policy. Clinic doctors, staff, and clients may view our facility at any time during operating hours. Meeting our team and seeing our facility will assure you of our level of commitment and consideration during this difficult time.


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